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The 5 pillars according to Sebastian Kneipp

The 5 pillars according to Sebastian Kneipp


Hydrotherapy stimulates the circulation and increases the body's natural self-healing powers through finely dosed treatment with warm and cold water.


Phytotherapy is the treatment with medicinal plants in the form of plant extracts in as natural a form as possible.

Exercise therapy

Various types of movement as a gentle and comprehensive endurance and coordination training, if possible in the open air, get the whole organism going and support its natural resistance as well as the general well-being.


A varied and healthy diet complements the holistic aspect. Kneipp was not concerned with strict diets, but with the conscious enjoyment of balanced meals that are rich in vital substances and as low in fat and natural as possible.

Order Therapy

In order therapy, balance is the highest principle above the elements and unites them into a meaningful holistic concept. It considers the human being as a whole with a special focus on a health-oriented way of life and the psychological state of the human being - a life in balance of body, mind and soul.

Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized naturopathy in the 19th century. After curing his severe - at that time still considered incurable - tuberculosis himself by taking short baths in the cold Danube, he began to intensively study the health-promoting power of water and the healing effects of selected plants.

The result of his many years of study and practical application successes is a visionary concept of life of timeless relevance. In view of increasing environmental pollution and stress-related diseases of civilization, people today have a more intensive need for effective healing methods and active health care.

For Sebastian Kneipp, this also included regular exercise, a healthy diet and mental and spiritual balance. He was thus a pioneer of holistic thinking. His name is associated with the expertise of many generations of proven naturopathic and pharmaceutical experience.