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Mission statement Hotel Ullrich

We introduce ourselves

Our character

Committed, fair, friendly, helpful, creative, modern, tolerant, cosmopolitan, colorful, consciously different, enthusiastic and fun.

Our mission

Together we ensure a good working atmosphere by treating each other with respect and trust.

We inspire our guests with many creative ideas. We generate emotions. We recognize the needs of our guests and fulfill them.

The regional integration of suppliers and craftsmen is important to us.

It is important to us to promote the next generation. We train and are also involved in the examination committees of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Working economically is the basis for securing more than 50 jobs.

We plan and think long-term in our decisions.

Our cooperation

We want to talk honestly with each other. We listen and let people finish what they have to say. We are open to arguments and examine them without bias. We know that it is easier to work in a team and therefore we behave collegially, reliably and team-oriented.

Our visions

Our hotel will continue to express its uniqueness in the future and should be further developed for this purpose. This includes innovative concepts, extensions, renovations and conversions. Sustainability and the environmental aspect shall be strongly considered in these projects.

The working conditions and hours at Ullrich will be designed in such a way that the compatibility of work, family and leisure time will continue to be facilitated in the future.

Elfershausen, October 2012